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Here at Stewart Mechanical customer satisfaction is something all of our staff strive for every single day. We work efficiently and are conscious of the time we spend on a job. Having our customers leave with a smile and return with their next project is our main objective. 


UTV Custom parts, builds, and installs

For all your UTV needs we can do it all. From custom to stock parts and custom builds from the ground up, Aftermarket rims and tires, you name it, we got it. Got a super busy summer ahead of you? got no time to put them parts in to get your UTV going? stress no more! We can not only get you your parts but we can install them for you. Don't miss out on this seasons UTVing! Call us today for all your UTV needs.  


Engine Rebuilds

Have you been emptying your pocket to put more and more parts into that truck that just won't run properly? maybe its time to just start fresh with a rebuild. From small to big engines we can do it, from cummins to cat swaps, to internationals and Freightliners, or even your medium duty trucks like Dodge Ford or Chevy. We have done it all, from stock to high performance theres no better place to go then right here at Stewart Mechanical where our performance builds have ran wicked numbers on the Dyno. 


Regular Maintenance

Did you forget to book your vehicle in for your due oil change? Not only do we do all the major work but we also do the regular maintenance like fluid checks, tire pressure checks, summer and winter tire swaps, rim and tire swaps, wiper blades, you name it. Any regular maintenance come to us, you couldn't be put in any better hands then here at Stewart Mechanical.  


Diagnostics & Programming

Here at Stewart Mechanical we specialize in our programming. From better fuel mileage to performance, for Cummins to Cat swaps, Internationals Freightliners, and Peterbilts. We do programming on a daily basis, with so many makes and models. So it is not something new to us. As for our diagnostics we have the computers to diagnose any make and model of vehicle before it has any parts changed to make sure it is fixed right the first time. Customer satisfaction guarantee. 


Starter & Alternator Rebuilds

Tired of the high priced starters and alternators? bring yours into us today we may be able to rebuild it. Stewart mechanical now offers in house starter and alternator rebuilds. Don't spend the big dollar if it's not necessary. Curious about how it all works? give us a call or even better! Stop by and check it out! We are more than willing to take the time and explain how everything works and how it is worth looking into before buying brand new. We give the best advice possible to help you save and leave here with a smile. 

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